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Autor orginału: Witold Mateńko

o create a group of contacts you use the Contacts->New Group menu. Then give the group a name and start entering names or email address into the body of the group. If a word turns red then it is matches more than one contact and needs to be resolved to a unique person by right clicking the word and selecting the right contact. If a word is grey it doesn't match any contacts and has to be a valid email address to work (i.e. the email address of someone not in your contact database). If a word is black then it matches a single contact and is ready to use. All names in the body converted to email address when you save the group so that the email engine can use them. You can at any point double click a black word to bring up

the contact record for that address giving you all their other details. To email a group you can either type the name of the group as a recipient or find the group in the add c

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